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- Intelligent Solar Insect Killer (Single Bulb)
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- Intelligent Cyclonic Mosquito Capture Light
- Intelligent Portable Sparking Insect Killer
- Intelligent Collision & Cyclonic Solar Insect Killer
- Intelligent Solar Mosquito Killer
- Intelligent Cyclonic Mosquito Killer

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- PHE 500 Multipurpose Pot (Lamp Pots)



Bark With Bamboo Stick Fence


Natural fur tree bark make wonderful rustic fence either in outdoor or indoor, with a bit of imagination and innovative process, we offer you a fence that will bring nature to your home.
The bark are cut to the uniform sizes and weave together with a rust prove brown wire. Simply roll out the bark fence, and install it over the existing fence structure or secure it over any wall or fence using a wood slat as the holder. Then screw them onto both end of the bark fence.

Name: Fir Bark With Bamboo Stick Screen
Origin: China
Use: Garden decoration
Material:Fir Bark And Bamboo
Color: Nature
Size:Single Face ;
Length 3m,5m; Height 1m,1.5m,2m;Other size is depending on client's needs.
Packaging: In handy plastic bag
Delivery lead time:20 days
Minimum order: One 40 feet container
Supply ability: Sixty 40'hq container per year



Order no.
Bark Fence With Bamboo Stick(Single Face)
1m x 5m
Plastic Bag
Bark Fence With Bamboo Stick(Single Face)
1.5m x 5m
Plastic Bag
Bark Fence With Bamboo Stick(Single Face)
2m x 5m
Plastic Bag



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